DC Electric Motors and AC Electric Motors


To order our products, please send to u.s. an email containing your personal references, address, including the zip code of your city.

Along with information on the product you wish to buy.

Then we will send to you, our he best offer includes shipping charges.

OUR EMAIL IS: info@eliptagliente.it

Elip Tagliente SRL has been operating since 1969 with professionalism and competitiveness on a national scale, in the electromechanical sector, becoming a reference point established for the repair, sales and service of DC and AC electric motors, machine tools, armatures, rotors and stators.

Electromechanical's Repair:

- Repair of d.c. and a.c. electrics motor  up to 750 kW for industrial, automation and forklifts.
- Manufacturing of electrical parts winding strip and rod of copper, tin, and TIG welding, turning, and balancing induced, replacement bearings, brushes, brush holders, washing and drying in the oven, with the issue of replacement CERTIFICATE testing.



- Permanent magnet dc motors from 12 to 220 up to 3 Hp, custom application and / or customer's design.
- Motors for automotive power steering pumps and marine.
- Armatures for third parties to request custom designs provided by customers
- Armatures for third parties assembled with sheets, collectors and trees provided by the customer.





We have a large stock of spare parts for  DC and CA electric motors, wrapping material, machinery, electric equipment, cables, brushes, manifolds, electro, and thousands of items available and the processing times distribuitirispettando categorically agreed with our toggling. customers.